Movies To See

“The Devil’s Disciple” – This is actually a play by George Bernard Shaw. I saw the version with Patrick Stewart. Set at the beginning of the American Revolution. My impression of it’s theme is something like: What a rational man will do for love. I base this on the assumption that the reason Dick Dudgeon did what he did was because he loved Judith Anderson, as well as Reverend Anderson. (Otherwise, his action would be totally erratic.) But, you can watch it and decide for yourself.

Compulsion” – Based on a notorious murder in the 1920’s. In real life, Clarence Darrow represented the two well-born, intelligent teenagers that committed the crime. An interesting look at how certain relationships can become so bizarre and out of touch with reality that they end in murder. FYI- I completely disagree with the express message given by the Clarence Darrow character in his closing arguments and after the trial. He claims that if the two young men hadn’t been from wealthy families, they would have merely been given life in prison, like any other person under 21 in the state, but this, coupled with their obvious intelligence, is precisely why they should have been given the death penalty. The pair almost outwitted the authorities, and their intelligence and wealth would mean there was a high probability that they might escape from prison and kill again. Executing them would be the only effective restraint under the circumstances.

Advise and Consent” – An interesting look at the political process. Involves themes of prejudice and hypocrisy.

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