Struggling to Achieve One’s Goals

I regard people who are born with wealth, and do nothing with their lives as especially contemptible. It angers me to see people who could basically go to any school they want, and that also have the money to be properly trained in any career they want, do nothing with their lives. It is a slap in the face of those of us who haven’t had it so easy. On the other hand, I hold a great deal of respect for anyone born to a wealthy family who makes something of his life and career, even though he doesn’t really need the money, and I have now discovered that being born into wealth and fame can sometimes make one’s life harder rather than easier. This week it was revealed that one of the grandchildren of the monarch of Great Brittan secretly served in combat in Afghanistan for over two months before his “cover” was blown by the media, and he had to return home. Harry Windsor of Great Brittan (I refuse to use medieval titles of nobility) had chosen a military career, and wanted to undertake all of the obligations that go along with such a career, which means serving in combat when the nation goes to war. Few of us will ever have our dedication to our chosen purpose in life tested in such a unique way, but this story proves that wealth, power, and fame can sometimes be a curse rather than a blessing.

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